ABS Email Notification - Quick Pick Product Sets


The product sets below have been created to enable our clients to quickly subscribe to a predefined set of products. These sets are based on a topic or interest group.

More product sets will be added as the need is identified.

Media Releases

Includes all Media releases from the ABS, and other statistical news.

Main Economic Indicators

Main Economic Indicators (MEIs) are nominated regular publications containing first release statistics of monthly and quarterly time series of vital importance to government and business policy formulation, and for economic and financial analysis. A full list of MEIs is provided below.

    5206.0 Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product
    6202.0 Labour Force, Australia
    6401.0 Consumer Price Index, Australia

    5302.0 Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia
    5368.0 International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia
    5601.0 Lending Indicators
    5625.0 Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, Australia
    5676.0 Business Indicators, Australia
    6345.0 Labour Price Index, Australia
    6354.0 Job Vacancies, Australia
    6416.0 House Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities
    6427.0 Producer Price Indexes, Australia
    6457.0 International Trade Price Indexes, Australia
    8501.0 Retail Trade, Australia
    8731.0 Building Approvals, Australia
    8750.0 Dwelling Unit Commencements, Australia, Preliminary

    6302.0 Average Weekly Earnings, Australia
    8755.0 Construction Work Done, Australia, Preliminary

New ABS Website Beta updates

To facilitate the design of the new website we released the ABSBeta website. ABSBeta is where we test new ways of making our digital information and services easier to find, understand and use. We encourage you to use ABSBeta to try out the new concepts and provide feedback to help us build a better website experience. Please subscribe the new ABS website updates to follow our progress.