ABS Email Notification - Terms of Service


The ABS sends product release notices via email to your subscription address without charge.

By confirming and/or extending your subscription, and remaining subscribed, you agree to the following terms:

    1. The ABS release advice notice sent by email or other electronic method will occur after the official information is published and made available on the ABS web site. The ABS will endeavour to deliver this notification as soon as possible after the release of the data.
    2. If at any time you no longer agree to these terms, or you wish to stop ABS product release notices from being sent to your subscription address, you can follow the Cancel Your Subscription instructions.
    3. If your email address changes, you will need to Cancel using the old email address and Subscribe using your new email address.
    4. If you use email filters, you need to set your filters to automatically accept email from abs.gov.au
    5. The ABS may, from time to time, while protecting your privacy, review your identified usage of the ABS web site with a view to offering you new or additional services/information that may be relevant to you. The ABS may contact you to obtain feedback about its services/information. You can opt out if you do not wish to be included in this option.
    6. The ABS privacy policy outlines how you can access and correct the personal details that you provide to us. It also explains how you can lodge a complaint if you believe the Australian Privacy Principles have been breached, and the steps the ABS will take to deal with your complaint. Please see Privacy at the ABS for the ABS privacy policy.
    7. The ABS will advise you of any changes to the subscription service via the email address you have provided.
    8. These subscription terms of service may change at any time. A link to these subscription terms of service is included in every release notice.
    9. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

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