ABS Email Notification - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Email Notification Service?

    The ABS Email Notification Service enables you to register your interest to receive email alerts on updates to a particular topic of your choice. This service is free and allows you to keep up to date with the latest ABS information without having to regularly check the ABS website.

How do I subscribe?
    Visit the Create/Update Subscription page and follow the instructions found on that page.

    After you have filled out the form on the Create/Update Subscription page, you will receive a confirmation email. Please follow the instructions in the email to activate and complete your subscription. If you choose not to follow the instructions in the confirmation message, your subscription will not be processed.

    Please make note of the email address you use when subscribing. You will need to use the same address to make changes to your subscription or cancel your subscription.

    Should you wish to subscribe to further products at a later time you can do so using the same Create/Update Subscription page. Please note that by subscribing to additional products you will not cancel any previous subscriptions.

How do I cancel my subscription?
    Go to the Cancel Subscription page and follow the instructions found on that page.

    Once you have cancelled your subscription you will receive an email confirming that your email address and subscription details have been deleted from our mailing list.

How do I remove products from my subscription?
    Go to the Remove Products page and follow the instructions found on that page. You will continue to receive updates for other products in your subscription list.

Why do I have to add and remove products from my subscription separately?
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics is committed to protecting your privacy. Our aim is to provide an on-line environment which will ensure the information you provide to us is handled in a secure, efficient and confidential manner.

    For this reason the ABS will only provide information about your subscription to the email address you provided us. This is to ensure that only you can view the details of your subscription.

    You can modify the details of your subscription via the Remove Products and the Create/update subscription pages.

    If you are still unsure what you are subscribed to, or you just wish to start another subscription, you can cancel your existing subscription and start again.

How do I change my email address?
    Your email address is your user name, so when you change your email address you must re-register as a new user. If you want to change your email address you will have to unsubscribe using your previous email address and start a new subscription using your new email address.

What information will I receive?
    You will receive update notifications for the products you have subscribed to. While protecting your privacy, the ABS may, from time to time, review your subscription to our Email Notification Service with a view to offering you new or additional services/information that may be relevant to you. Please advise the ABS if you do not wish to be included in this option.

Other information

    We will only ever use your email address for the purpose for which you provided it. We will not disclose your email address without your prior consent.

    This site is accredited and maintained to Commonwealth Government Internet security standards to ensure the confidentiality and/or integrity of information posted on the site. These standards meet or exceed Australian information security management standards (AS/NZS 4444).